Do you have a good idea or a research proposal that needs some seed money to get started? The Idaho Pharmacy Research and Education Foundation was established years ago by ISHP and has a small fund to support pharmacy research.  


The Foundation exists to elevate the knowledge base and skill of Idaho pharmacists and technicians. We advance the practice of pharmacy through research and education for improving health outcomes of Idaho residents. The Foundation promotes the collaborative role of the pharmacist as an integral component of health care teams.


Core programs and services of the Foundation include the following activities:

  Education sessions, skill workshops, opportunities for information sharing and practice advancement.

  Research project initial sponsorship (seed money).

  Promotion and advocacy of pharmacists as an equitable component of health care teams.


Idaho is a predominantly rural state where the majority of pharmacists are not affiliated with academic centers. They may have an interest or desire to pursue intellectual activities but lack the seed money needed to turn the ideas into projects. The Foundation is a means to allow all pharmacists in Idaho access to funding.  We encourage pharmacists to become innovative in their practices and to share that innovation with their peers. The outcome of this collaboration optimizes positive outcomes of drug therapy and improves patients' quality of li


Make a Donation of Your Money, Time or Talents to the IPREF

Support of the Foundation's purpose may be expressed in many different ways including but not limited to:

  1. A simple unrestricted donation:  Donate to the IPREF
  2. A donation in memory or in honor of someone:  Donate to the IPREF
  3. Remember the IPREF in your Will or Estate Plan
  4. An offering of your time and talents
  5. All of the above

The Foundation needs organizational talent, office help, grant writers, creative funding developers, grant application reviewers, speakers passionate about safe and effective medication-use systems, optimal use and outcome of medication therapy, and the advancement of the pharmacists; patient care role, and effective writers to promote the Foundation and the education outcomes of the grant projects.


Now, more than ever, your support of the Foundation will help ensure that Idaho patients enjoy optimal drug therapy and know that their pharmacists are a vital part of quality health care in Idaho.


Grant Submission Guidelines


Grant proposals will receive consideration at the next meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors.  Additional information may be requested prior to final approval.  Reporting requirements for the project will be defined at the time the grant is awarded.  The Foundation grants will only support direct costs of the project.


Submit to:

Idaho Pharmacy Research and Education Foundation

c/o Executive Director, ISHP

P.O. Box 7625

Boise, Idaho 83707-1625

 Include the following information in no more than eight pages, double-spaced:

  1. Title of Project
  2. Summary – Clearly and concisely summarize the request and indicate the grant amount requested.
  3. Introduction – Clearly identify the requesting agency or individual(s) qualifications and responsibilities to the project. Identify the project supervisor and budget administrator with the responsibility for reporting back to the Foundation (paying of project bills, et al).
  4. Identify all parties, individuals and/or organization accepting the grant fund and those who will be responsible for signing the grant contract.  Provide contact information of all designated individuals/organizations.
  5. Purpose of the Project – Identify and document the need to be met or problems to be solved by the proposed funding.
  6. Objectives/Outcomes – Establish the benefits of the funding in measurable terms or outcomes.
  7. Methodology – Describe the methodology to be employed to achieve the desired results. Include a detailed project time line.
  8. Budget – Clearly delineate costs of the project.  Identify additional funding sources to be provided by the applicant or other parties.  Indicate direct and indirect costs.

Minimum Grant Requirements

  1. Recognition of the Idaho pharmacy Research and Education Foundation funding on all materials including presentations, publications, and reports.
  2. Development of a poster presentation to be included in the poster session at the next Idaho Society of Health-System Pharmacists Annual Fall meeting.
  3. Submission of interim reports on project progress and expenses if requested, in addition to the final report.
  4. A final financial accounting with the actual expenses verifiably documented.

Thank you for your interest in the Idaho Pharmacy Research and Education Foundation. For additional information, please contact the Foundation through the Executive Director of ISHP.


Contact Us:
(208) 342-2581

P.O. Box 7625
Boise, ID 83707

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