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The following Policy Titles are to be voted on in the JUNE HOD meeting in Boston. Each will be discussed at the RDC in late-April / early-May. The full content of these polices can be forwarded to anyone who is interested. Your input into these subjects is greatly appreciated. Please provide input to

1.     Joint Council Recommendation: Suicide Awareness and Prevention
2.     CPhP: Safe Administration of Hazardous Drugs
3.     CPuP: Notification of Drug Product Price Increases
4.     CPuP: Preventing Drug Product Shortages
5.     CPuP: Emergency Refills
6.     CPuP: Credentialing and Privileging by Regulators, Payers, and Providers for Collaborative Practice
7.     COT: Therapeutic Use of Cannabidiol
8.     CEWD: Pharmacy Expertise in Sterile Compounding
9.     CPM: Pharmaceutical Distribution Systems
10. CPM: Safe Medication Preparation in All Sites of Care
11. CPM: Pharmacy Department Business Partnerships
12. PTF: Pharmacy Technician Student Drug Testing
13. SICP: ASHP Statement on the Role of the Medication Safety Leader
CPhP: Council on Pharmacy Practice
CPuP: Council on Public Policy
COT: Council on Therapeutics
CEWD: Council on Education and Workforce Development
CPM: Council on Pharmacy Management
PTF: Pharmacy Technician Forum
SICP: Section of Inpatient Practitioners

Current delegates:

Paul Driver (Delegate 2018-2019)
Arielle Arnold
 (Delegate 2017-2018)

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