ASHP Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI)

The Practice Advancement Initiative (PAI) is sponsored by ASHP and the ASHP Research and Education Foundation. The goal of this initiative is to significantly advance the health and well-being of patients by supporting futuristic practice models that support the most effective use of pharmacists as direct patient care providers.


How can you get involved?

  • Statewide – Help ISHP advance the profession through PAI workgroups. To be the most effective, ISHP would like assistance from various pharmacy practice settings throughout the state of Idaho.
  • Locally – Complete a self-assessment of your primary work place.
    o   Ambulatory Care Self-Assessment 
    o   Hospital Pharmacy Self-Assessment

ISHP hosted an ASHP facilitated Ambulatory Care PAI workshop on April 5th, 2019 at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise. It was just the beginning of this ongoing work to help advance pharmacy practice in the ambulatory setting. 

Meeting Summary

The kick off meeting was a grant funded strategic workshop focusing on the advancement of pharmacy practice in the ambulatory setting. Katie Erickson (Legislative/PRC Chair), along with the help of Lindsey Hunt, Elaine Nguyen and Chris Oswald, spearheaded the Practice Advancement Initiative that brought together ambulatory pharmacy leaders from across the state. Kelly Krawtz presented on her work at the St. Luke's Cloverdale Clinic, highlighting the wins and barriers in her practice. Many other practitioners like Glenda Carr (Terry Reilly), Jeremy Crowfoot (Saint Al's) and Cara Liday (Intermountain/ISU) spoke to the same barriers in addition to others that show that we still have a lot of work to do in Idaho. The group walked away with some great ideas and action plans for continuing this work. Email to learn more about the Ambulatory Care PAI workshop and join a workgroup!

Featured Presentations:

Kelly Krawtz - St. Luke's

Shelby Lancaster - Shoshone

Cara Liday - Intermountain/ISU

Jeremy Crowfoot - Saint Alphonsus

Katie Erickson - PAI Gap Analysis

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