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We want to encourage all ISHP Members to be more active and involved in the Society and the profession of pharmacy.  Here a a listing of areas of volunteer opportunities.  Some jobs are big; some are small.  There is something for you.  Many hands make light work for all.  Please help.

  1. ISHP leadership - Officers and board members:  ISHP welcomes and needs more members who would like to become more involved in ISHP Leadership.  See the Position Descriptions on our Website for further details.  Leadership skills learned here also translate to your work and interests elsewhere.
  2. Industry Relations Committee:  ISHP also needs more members to help coordinate and solicit exhibitors and sponsors for meetings/programs, to increase industry financial support for ISHP.  Learn the grant application process, and submit grant applications.  Grant-writing skills learned here can also translate to your work and interests elsewhere.
  3. Education and programs:  We can always use more pharmacists and technicians to help with planning and preparation for meetings/programs.  The Education Committee is a combination of the Council on Programs and the Council on Education.  They review surveys, plan programs, identify speakers, budgeting, prepare for meetings, etc. 
  4. Press Secretary:  ISHP needs a person to serve as our Press Secretary, to write Press Releases and articles for submission in local newspapers about ISHP meetings, members  and activities, such as Poison Prevention Week.  Hone your journalistic skills here
  5. Entertainment/Activities:  We need one individual to oversee/coordinate entertainment and fun activities at meetings/programs, and a small committee of members to review ideas & suggestions, plan & coordinate individual events/activities.  Get sponsors for prizes?  Possible examples: Fun Run, Golf Tourney (see below), Game night?, Poker night?, Trap Shooting?, Bike Rides?,…..) 
  6. ISHP Office help:  Our overworked Executive Director could use some general secretarial and clerical assistance, especially the month before Spring and Fall Meetings.  You could schedule short shifts to answer phones, word processing, data entry, collate materials, go to bank, pick up mail, run errands, stuff envelopes, etc.
  7. Website & IT Management & Development:  Help our webmaster to manage, monitor, improve & develop website and internet/electronic technology.  ISHP would like to establish LISTSERVs for member use.  We would also like to establish web-based voting and survey system. 
  8. Membership renewal follow-up:  ISHP could use a small committee to contact non-renewed members each year.  We would also like to see one “go to” person at each hospital to promote ISHP to the pharmacists and technicians.  We could also use a person to coordinate with College of Pharmacy and be our liaison for graduating students, forwarding email address, and other contact information.
  9. New Practitioner Forum:  This is a new forum with duties to be determined by the members.  The ultimate objective is to recruit, retain and increase involvement of new practitioners through select program topics, discussion groups, and fun night activities.
  10. Pharmacy Law & Politics:   ISHP is working with the Board of Pharmacy to get pharmacist prescriber status.  We are also working on revising the rules for long term care pharmacies.  We are also working to change the law regarding how Board of Pharmacy members are nominated and appointed, and to make ISHP an official nominating organization. We are also opposing the elimination of the technician ratio and promoting technician certification.  We could use more people to help monitor these and other current issues of interest to ISHP, to give testimony and/or support at legislature, to contact your local politicians, attend Board of Pharmacy meetings, and participate in the quarterly ASHP legislative calls.
  11. Audio-Visual:  ISHP could us one or two people to help coordinate the audio-visual efforts at the Spring and Fall meetings.
  12. Registration table:  We can always use people to help at the registration table for Spring and Fall meetings.  Help coordinate pharmacy students, who will be working at the registration table.
  13. Photographer:  Take pictures at ISHP programs, functions and activities.  Get them posted on the website. 
  14. Historian:  Member Jan Beckwith has agreed to help write the history of ISHP.  Members Allen Frisk and Llyn Lloyd are working with the Idaho Historical Society to create a pharmacy museum.  We need people with memories of ISHP activities from years gone by to help collect the information and put it into a final form for publication on the website.  If you like history, help them out.
  15. Technician Steering Committee:  Pharmacists and Technicians to focus on technician-specific issues inside and outside of ISHP, such as Technician Certification, Technician Ratio, PTCB and exam.  ISHP is a partner with PTCB and the ASHP Technician Initiative.
  16. Idaho Pharmacy Research and Education Foundation:  Help develop grant criteria, advertising the availability of grants, reviewing grant proposals, soliciting donations to Foundation. 
  17. Poison Prevention Week:  Help promote Poison Prevention Week (March of each year).  Show a video and/or give a talk to grade schoolers.  Les Gieselman has led this effort for years on behalf of ISHP.  He will coordinate speakers and materials for talks in the schools.  We need as many pharmacists as possible to help in this worthy effort.  
  18. National Pharmacy Week:  ISHP could use one person to be the state coordinator, and key pharmacists in each hospital to promote National Pharmacy Week (October, each year).  Help prepare & disseminate Press Releases, Gubernatorial Proclamations, Public Service Announcements, etc.  ASHP provides good information and materials to get you started each year. 
  19. Drug Abuse Prevention Talks:  ISHP is working on a program to send pharmacists and pharmacy students into the schools to talk to the students about drug abuse.  You could help with the planning and coordination, or volunteer to give a talk. 
  20. Pharmacists Recovery Network:  We need Pharmacists and Technicians to assist our impaired  colleagues.  If you are interested, please let us know.  If you need help, let us know. 
  21. Finance committee:  Assist the Secretary-Treasurer regarding financial affairs, books, assets, liabilities, etc for ISHP.  
  22. Golf Tournaments:  Help coordinate the golf tournament at the ISHP Annual Meeting in Sun Valley.  Greg Cravens has led this effort for years, but might use some help.  Maybe we could set up a fund-raising scramble in the summer.  Many groups do.  Industry might sponsor holes. 
  23. Free Clinics:  Free clinics need pharmacists and technicians to donate some time to the less fortunate in your area.  Garden City Community Clinic (GCCC) Key Contact Person:  Tracy Haworth, BSN, R.N., GCCC Interim Executive Director, 215 W. 35th Street, Garden City, ID (208) 384-5200.  GCCC Pharmacist contacts: Michael Dickens, Les Gieselman, and Brian Tollinger at St. Luke's RMC  (208) 381-2490

Plenty of research has linked "giving back" with living longer. Why is the "volunteer factor" so powerful? We've found that it gives you at least four key, life-giving things:

1. A sense of accomplishment.  Believing in your ability to do positive things spills over into all aspects of your life - giving you the spark to finally quit smoking, stick with an exercise program or reach for an extra serving of broccoli. Even if you don't feel all that powerful at first, volunteering arms you with the sense that you can make a difference.

2. An emotional cushion.  Volunteers feel that any despair or depression in themselves can get better, something missed by those who don't help out others. These mental-health lifts can mean the difference between life and death in the months and years after a heart attack.

3. More physical activity.  People who volunteer in the award-winning ExperienceCorps program, which places tutors in public schools across the U.S., burn twice as many calories per day as nonvolunteers.

4. A bigger social network. Volunteering tends to widen your circle of friends - a key measure of well-being, particularly as you age.

Even better: You can get these benefits without turning volunteering into a 9-to-5 job. The health benefits really build up, the way interest accrues in a savings account, if you put in just two hours a week - about 100 hours per year.  Read more here.



Be part of something good.  

Do something good.



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